A Sampling Of Our Proprietary Strategies

Psychology. Linguistics. Sociology. Demographics. It’s all part of the process. Which is why our experts are versed in a multitude of disciplines, researching and navigating the global market to create distinctive, secure, sustainable names. We understand your marketplace and know how to develop compelling, effective brand identities utilizing our proprietary Ideonics™ name development method. Here is a brief rundown of our strategies and techniques.


Our Ideonics™ method is designed to elicit strong, innovative thinking for use in the development of global brand names

Nomenclature & Brand Strategy

Our streamlined nomenclature strategy is focused on effectively enhancing your desired brand perception in the marketplace.


4Sight™ provides our clients with rapid market indicators of the viability of their brand names. Understanding imagery and associations elicited by the names, helps clients step inside the minds of their target markets to assist in selecting the ideal name.


EquiTest™ measures the brand equity of existing names, specifically by exploring imagery and associations along with strengths and weaknesses. EquiTest™ helps clients understand the potential extendibility of the names into new markets and uses.


VeriTest™ is a global market research tool designed to assist clients with name assessment and viability on a country by country, global, or regional basis.


WorldTest™ serves as an international brand inference testing tool that delivers global linguistic analysis of names, negative meanings, and imagery under consideration in key languages.

Tagline Development

Our taglines serve to amplify the message your organization needs to convey to the target market.