Learn About Nametag’s Founders

Meet the names behind Nametag International. For over 30 years, Bridget Levin and Mollie Young have been defining and redefining some of the world’s leading brands. Their leadership and expertise infuse each project with senior-level attention and experience.

bridget_levinBridget Levin has expertise in international marketing, promotion, and linguistics. Ms. Levin specializes in market-driven identity based on resonant brand positioning. She is responsible for strategic branding, global relevance and creative management. She will serve as the lead strategic creative director on your project and facilitate all internal brand development.

Ms. Levin is in demand for her innovation, branding and brand strategy workshops, university speaker series and coaching.




Mollie Young has deep brand marketing experience working with a wide range of companies from start-up to Fortune 100. Ms. Young specializes in the development of global brand and nomenclature strategy and is responsible for client/project continuity. She will serve as the day-to-day contact on your project, and will lead the strategic effort, as well as coordinate all team communications. Ms. Young has rich experience and leadership in working with C-level and Board of Directors creating strategy and consensus around major change issues.

Presenter at NACUSO Network – “Anatomy of a Name Change….The Whys and Hows of Creating Successful Rebrands”

Ms. Young recently authored a two-part series in national marketing publication. Part #1: How To Create Great Names. Part #2: Now that you think you’ve got a great name – does your market agree? It’s all about Ensuring Your Brand Name’s Success.

Ms. Young is a frequent speaker and panelist on topics including brand strategy, global naming, agribusiness, branding trends and brand research/insights. She is often called upon by national media outlets to contribute her opinion on brand strategy/naming. Ms. Young is also available to lead your team in a brand training workshop “How to Create Unforgettable Names”. Click here for our tips on Naming: Things to Remember.