A History of Unforgettable™ Names

Every name is a solution to a problem. Every name is unique. Each project is different. All possess a distinct challenge.  We harness the best talent team and technology to deliver unrivaled industry-specific expertise:

  • Naming
  • Nomenclature & Brand Strategy
  • Re-Naming
  • Name Testing & Global Market Research
  • Linguistic Screening
  • Tagline Development
  • Brand Equity Audits

Here are some of our Unforgettable™ solutions:

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  • Challenge: Develop a new corporate name for a national financial institution.

    Solution: Nametag® created the brand Alerus to capture the evolution of the organization. The root of Alerus means to give wings or take flight, connoting change and growth.

    “We feel the name Alerus has been a huge asset to our rapid growth!”
    Chief Operating Officer, Alerus Financial

  • Challenge: Develop a brand name that dynamically communicates the power of a highly-caffeinated, coffee shot product to the male 18+ target market while working within a very small packaging parameter.

    Solution: Nametag® created the name STOK™ to convey a masculine energy that speaks directly to the target market.

    “Nametag brings tremendous innovative thinking to the branding process. Their naming work took a good product idea and made it great.”
    White Wave Foods Marketing

  • Challenge: To develop a name for a private label brand to be used on a wide range of grocery and food products.

    Solution: Nametag® created the name Archer Farms® to fit the image of freshness and quality and to link to the heritage of the Target® logo (Archer relates to target, Farms conveys fresh).

  • Challenge: Develop a global brand name for Boston Scientific's drug-eluting stent system.

    Solution: Nametag® created the name Eluvia™ to harness the core communication features of this breakthrough stent technology.

    “Nametag has a strategically creative approach to global name development. The name has performed extremely well. Eluvia exemplifies Boston Scientific's legacy of drug-eluting technology and ground breaking solutions for patients around the world.”

  • Challenge: Create a new corporate name for a fast growing technology company.

    Solution: Nametag® created the name Workfront™ to help tell the story of what the company does: work management, providing visibility and collaboration, while reflecting key benefits of efficiency, expertise and leadership in a dynamic, energetic-sounding name.

    “Working with Nametag has been a very successful process for us. Their insights, leadership and creative outcomes were excellent. They worked closely with our organization and our leadership team to identify an incredibly strong name to represent our company going forward. I would definitely recommend them.”
    CEO, Workfront

  • Challenge: Develop a name for a parenteral nutrition product from Baxter Healthcare targeted at the pediatric market.

    Solution: Nametag® created the brand Numeta to convey a new, metabolism innovation and nutritional. Numeta is relevant and memorable.

    “The process was excellent, the name is great!”
    Marketing Manager, Baxter Healthcare

  • Challenge: To extend the Jos. A. Seagram Captain Morgan brand into the white rum segment in order to build a new market share within a rapidly growing segment.

    Solution: Nametag® created the name Parrot Bay™ to capture the essence of the brand positioning platform “vacation in a bottle.” The brand represented one of the most successful new product launches by Seagram's.

  • Challenge: Develop a name for a line of children’s clothing from Carter’s, sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the name Child of Mine™ to convey the warm relationship between parent and child, and to create a proprietary feeling for the brand.

    “The importance of finding the correct name that evokes all of the necessary ideas is enormous. Today it's a much bigger challenge—too much clutter, competition, and distractions in the marketplace. Nametag's work was fantastic! They really nailed the challenge and created a powerhouse name.”
    Marketing Team - Carter’s

  • Challenge: Develop a tagline to compliment the brand Deli Express in the marketplace.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the tagline It's More Than A Sandwich. It's Deli Express! to reflect the great tasting sandwiches Deli Express prides itself in providing to convenience stores across the nation. It's More Than A Sandwich. It's Deli Express! suggests quality food on the go.

    “The tagline helps us communicate our leadership in the marketplace.”
    Marketing Manager, Deli Express

  • Challenge: Develop a name for a new technology for infrared sensing.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the name Tamarisk™ to reflect market differentiations. The name is unique and lends itself to future product technology expansion.

    “The name is spot on.”
    Senior Director, Marketing & Communications - DRS Technologies

  • Challenge: Develop a brand for 3M's new comprehensive line of pet care products.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the name Pruven™ to represent the proven quality and innovation of 3M products.

    “The Nametag process was excellent.”
    Marketing, 3M

  • Challenge: To create global brand names to represent the next generation of Claritin® allergy medication.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the name Clarinex® to provide a seamless message of the next generation version of the highly effective Claritin® product. The name Aerius® was created as the global brand name to be used outside of the United States to convey the primary benefit of a clear airway.

    “Nametag is highly professional, creative and delivers excellent customer service.”
    New Products Team - Schering-Plough

  • Challenge: Develop a global brand to represent a new, agile cruise line that appeals to the upscale traveler interested in sailing to exclusive destinations. The cruise line is owned by Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises.

    Solution: Nametag® created the name AzamaraSM to conjure imagery of luxurious journeys around the world. AzamaraSM was derived from the name of a star, Acamar, which means the river’s end, azure, and also from mar, translated to mean sea.

    “Your excellent work and methodology brought so many outstanding options.”
    Senior Vice President, Celebrity Cruises

  • Challenge: Develop a new corporate identity for a first-of-its kind, billion-dollar, healthcare organization created as a result of the integration of multiple healthcare entities.

    Solution: Nametag® created the Allina® brand to project an image of scope and strategic alignment and to reflect the organization's core mission.

    “The nomenclature strategy work that Nametag conducted has been nothing short of remarkable. Without a doubt it was an excellent investment of resources and time to deliver a powerful presence in the marketplace.”
    CEO - Allina Hospitals & Clinics

  • Challenge: To develop a brand name for a fully recyclable computer that uses 50% less energy and 66% less parts, with no compromise in performance.

    Solution: Nametag® created the name GreenEye™ to clearly position a new sustainable technology. GreenEye™ conveys eco-consciousness (green=environmentally friendly) combined with a unique treatment of technology (eye=i, technology).

    “Great name, great company—Nametag”
    President, Global Business Development - Materials Processing Corporation (MPC)

  • Challenge: Develop a memorable brand for an innovative birth control pill designed to allow women to control menstruation.

    Solution: Nametag® created the brand Lybrel™ to reflect vibrancy, freedom and contemporary health management. It speaks to women who desire to make their own health decisions and who are open to new and better ideas.

    “Very professional, highly energetic and skilled at strategic thinking.”
    Women’s Health Marketing - Wyeth

  • Challenge: To create a brand that stimulates interest in vaccine usage protocol.

    Solution: Nametag® created the names Decavac™ and Tenivac™ to send a message to the medical community that would highlight the importance of administering a booster vaccine every ten years.

  • Challenge: Develop a name for a line of mobile storage containers.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the name Anything GoesTM to emphasize the mobility of the line and range of product solutions for consumers to choose from to meet their needs.

    “A unique and clever solution for our business.”
    Former team member, Rubbermaid Marketing Group

  • Challenge: Develop a name for an online shopping site that is all about choice—great brands, thousands of products, and three ways to pay for customers that need flexibility in their budgets.

    Solution: Nametag® created the brand Gettington.comSM to express the idea that you can “get” what you need on your terms, while creating a feeling of energy and fun.

    “The name is fantastic. It fits our concept perfectly”
    Marketing Director - Bluestem Brands, Inc.

  • Challenge: Develop a sub-brand to represent a new gum targeted at teens.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the name I.D. to reflect individuality and to create emotional resonance with the teen segment looking for self-expression.

    “Nametag really got it - business strategy, consumer voice. They provided us with many creative directions to consider and really hit the bullseye with this name.”
    US Innovation Manager, Kraft Foods

  • Challenge: Help Imation select a long-term brand tagline to represent the acquired TDK brand.

    Solution: Nametag® worked with the Imation team to develop, evaulate and select a long-term tagline to represent the re-launch of the brand.

    “We have worked with Nametag many times over the years. They are an excellent strategic partner.”
    Business Team - Imation

  • Challenge: Develop a sub-brand name to represent a unique new cough drop from HALLS that provides a unique warming comfort benefit.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the sub-brand name "Warm-Ups" to reflect the innovative warming benefit. The brand Warm-Ups connects to the consumer's need for emotional and physical warmth when feeling under the weather.

    “Nametag was incredibly responsive to our project needs and provided us with a wide range of fabulous options.”
    HALLS Innovative Manager

  • Challenge: Develop a name for a line of premium house stains from Sherwin Williams.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the name WoodScapes® to reinforce the product benefits of protection and the ability to enrich the wood’s natural texture and grain.

  • Challenge: Develop a global brand name for a new cholesterol reduction drug from Merck and Schering-Plough. Zintrepid® represents an important new treatment alternative for elevated cholesterol. Now physicians and patients have a powerful option to treat the two sources of cholesterol in one tablet.

    Solution: Nametag® created the name Zintrepid® brand to bring to life a tonality of the speed and effectiveness of the compound.

    “Nametag is highly professional, creative and delivers excellent customer service.”
    New Products Team - Schering-Plough

  • Challenge: Develop a sub-brand name for a microwave popcorn bag that turns into a bowl.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the name Pop Up Bowl™ for Orville Redenbacher’s to convey the simple convenience and innovation of the popcorn bag transforming into a shareable bowl.

    “Nametag is an outstanding strategic partner.”
    Director Innovation Marketing - ConAgra Foods