AgTag 700x400Born of client experience and grown from years of ag industry expertise, Nametag International’s AgTag™ division is 100% dedicated to branding and naming within the agriculture, animal nutrition/animal health and science sectors.

“Nametag International’s work on this project was stellar, helping us get to the right place for this new brand.” – Marketing, Food Issues & Sustainability Director, Cargill

“We knew we needed Nametag’s experience and expertise in branding for this initiative. Our goal for Nametag was to create a name that would promote excitement and reflect our ambition. Their strategic process brought us a winner in the name MBOLD and we are thrilled.” – CEO, General Mills – MN Food & Ag Initiative Leader 

“We collaborated with Nametag International to guide us through the process to create a holistic, strategic, repeatable and manageable nomenclature system for CHS Agronomy products. We valued their methodical approach, expertise and depth of experience.” – Marketing Communications Manager, CHS 

“Nametag was instrumental in helping us not only look at our label-friendly starch product line but think big picture strategically for our entire label-friendly ingredient portfolio. Nametag created many powerful names for us to consider and expertly and successfully guided us through the entire process. We value their expertise and wisdom as a Cargill naming partner!” – Business Development Manager, Cargill Starches, Sweeteners & Texturizers

“We needed a brand that can resonate with the farmer. Nametag helped us achieve our goal with a name that conveys a positive, aspirational benefit and good tonality.” – Director, North America Brand & Marketing Communication Strategy, Bayer Crop Science

“The name says it all! Nametag was very instrumental in getting us to a successful position.” – CEO, WinField

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  • Challenge: Create a new name for an innovative insect protection technology product platform.

    Solution: Nametag® created the name Trecepta™ to represent the 3 modes/traits in this next level technology.

    “Nametag International has valuable perspective in global agriculture and brand name development. This was evident as we developed the name for our Trecepta™ biotechnology trait brand. Our work with Nametag on key naming and branding initiatives supports our marketing efforts worldwide.”
    Global Commercial Branding Lead, Monsanto

  • Challenge: Develop a new corporate name for agronomy and seed experts partnering to provide crop protection knowledge to customers and growers.

    Solution: Nametag® created the brand WinField Solutions™ to reflect an image of a winning combination, both for the partnership and for clients.

    “The name says it all! Nametag was very instrumental in getting us to a successful position,”
    General Manager, WinField

  • Challenge: Develop a name for Cargill's environmental appraisal system.

    Solution: Nametag created the name Enteligen™ which speaks to being environmentally intelligent.

    “Enteligen has communicated the concept of our solutions and benefits among our team and customers on a global scale.”
    Cargill Marketing, Animal Nutrition Business

  • Challenge: Develop a name for a sow lactation feed product from Cargill.

    Solution: Nametag created the name Nuresse™ to convey nourishment with feminine tonality.

    “Nametag captured the right tonality we were after, and in the process developed a distinctive name to maximize our global impact.”
    Marketing, Cargill

  • Challenge: Develop a name for a highly innovative technology created by reducing lignin content within alfalfa in the marketplace.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the name HarvXtra™ to capture the essence of growth, quality and flexibility. The name conveys an extended harvest window and speaks to the enhanced benefits of this technology.

    “Nametag has unique expertise to develop powerful brands that help breakthrough our challenging marketplace. I always know what I will get when working with them – an excellent outcome. They are experts in global ag branding. ”
    Vice President Forage Genetics

  • Challenge: Develop a name for a global technology platform.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the name Sivado™ to represent the next generation in a state-of-the-art technology platform for the feed industry. The name Sivado™ conveys flexible, to solve, and a cloud oriented technology reference.

    “Nametag did an outstanding job from start to finish. They are a fantastic partner.”
    Senior Marketing Manager, Feed Management Systems

  • Challenge: Develop a new name for a piglet milk replacer product from Cargill.

    Solution: Nametag created the brand name NeoPigg™ to convey neonatal nutrition supplementation.

    “Nametag is an outstanding strategic resource for our global initiatives. ”
    Marketing Cargill

  • Challenge: Develop a corporate brand for a joint venture between Cargill and a partner.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the name Integrow Malt™ to reflect imagery of integrity and growth.

    “An excellent process and excellent results. ”
    Brand Management, Cargill

  • Challenge: Develop a name to identify the compound that will help food manufacturers achieve significant sodium reduction (25-50%) in salted snacks, soups, processed meats, sauces and other processed foods while maintaining great taste.

    Solution: Nametag® created the brand name SaltWise™ to convey the benefit of significant sodium reduction while reinforcing the great taste.

    “Name was excellent, very strategic and creative.”
    Marketing Team - Cargill

  • Challenge: Develop a name for a new high performance alfalfa product that maximizes forage quality and yield from start to finish.

    Solution: Nametag® developed the name NEXGROW™ to capture the essence of growth and state of the art performance. The name NEXGROW™ conveys a forward-looking impression.

    “Nametag is an outstanding business partner.”
    Vice President of Sales & Marketing - Forage Genetics

  • Challenge: Develop naming convention for Horizon Milling’s total product portfolio.

    Solution: Nametag® created the umbrella name Simply Milled™, a good fit with consumers’ desire for minimally processed ingredients. In addition, Nametag delivered category descriptors, which assist in simplifying Horizon Milling’s broad portfolio of product offerings.

    “Nametag delivered an amazing combination of relevant strategies and creative solutions for our business.”
    Marketing Manager, Horizon Milling